Africa Day (25th May) Application Deadline: Friday 23rd February 2024

Africa Day falls on 25 May each year and is the annual celebration of the continent’s cultures and people.  It has become a day of celebration and togetherness in communities throughout Ireland.  2023 saw the largest ever Africa Day, with 30 Local Authorities running events to mark this special and unique day.

Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs are once again pleased to provide financial support to local authorities to plan events for Africa Day, aimed at celebrating African cultures and the links between Ireland and Africa.

Galway County Council is inviting groups in the PPN to organise an event or series of events, by completing the attached Africa Day 2024 Application Form Galway County Council and returning it to us by email to [email protected] by Friday 23rd February 2024.

Galway County Council will submit a collated application to Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs for an event, or series of events for Africa Day 2024. Pending final approval by the Department by end March 2024, provisional approval will be granted to applicants on the basis that:

  • The events/activities being proposed promote a positive image of Africa; highlight Ireland’s priorities in Africa, as outlined in the Government’s development policy, A Better World and Ireland’s Strategy for Africa to 2025. Events should have a public information and ideally an education component.
  • The events are not profit-making and have a particular emphasis on attracting families.
  • The proposed activities and associated costings demonstrate good value for money and an appropriate use of public funds.
  • The programming of your event (i.e., music performances and other ‘headline’ cultural content) must be pre-approved by Irish Aid prior to confirming any bookings with performers.
  • Health and safety is considered a strict priority and ensuring compliance is critical to Africa Day events nationwide. Any Food Traders utilised for events must supply local authorities with EHO registration details and a copy of their registration letter from the HSE – if they do not usually trade as a food trader in an outdoors environment, they will need to notify the EHO and get clearance to sell food before applying to trade at Africa Day events. All food trader employees must have basic Food Safety/Handling training. The principal of the food unit must have HAACAP training.
  • 50% of the payment is made to qualifying applicants upon award of a ‘letter of offer’ and the outstanding 50% is paid upon satisfactory execution of the event. This includes the submission of a full report of the events, including a detailed budget and report on coverage and attendance.

Deadline for Submission of Funding Applications
The deadline for receipt of completed funding application forms is close of business on Friday 23rd February 2024. Please return completed forms to [email protected]

Application Form:

Africa Day 2024 Application Form Galway County Council