Linkage Groups and Consultations

Linkage Groups and Consultations are the way that PPN member organisations can have a real input into policy in their area of operation.  Linkage Groups bring together stakeholder organisations with a common interest to discuss their diverse views and interests in a specific policy area – such as housing, culture, environment, planning, etc.

Linkage Groups explained

These groups elect PPN Representatives to Boards or Committees, receive feedback from those representatives, and direct their activity.  They may also set policy priorities and input into consultations etc. on behalf of PPN.  This in turn, helps the member organisations to gain a deeper understanding of the local policy process.

It is important to note that the role of a Linkage Group is to facilitate and enable organisations to articulate a diverse range of views and interests within the local government system, not to reduce or homogenise this diversity.

Current Linkage and Working Groups are in the process of setting up:

Green Recovery Working Group.

First meeting 25 June 2020 @ 7pm (online), Guest Speaker Dara Molloy (Aran Islands Energy Cooperative):