Who we are

Galway County Public Participation Network has been established to enable people and community groups in Co Galway to have a say on issues that concern them. These Public Participation Networks (PPNs) are new structures for public engagement and participation in Local Government in each Local Authority area.

The PPN is the mechanism through which the Local Authority links/engages with the broader community sector and are the representative voice of the community and voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sectors.

The main role of the PPN is to form a network bringing together all community and voluntary groups, social inclusion groups, and environmental interest groups. Information is shared and people can work together on policy matters.

The PPN also facilitates groups to nominate representatives to local authority policy making boards and committees including the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC), the Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs). The Sports Partnership, Joint Policing Committee etc.

The national guidelines define the types of groups that can register for the PPN structure as follows:

  • Environmental – Organisations whose primary activities are environmental protection and/or environmental sustainability.
  • Social Inclusion – Organisations whose activities focus on social inclusion, social justice and/or equality. Examples include organisations which aim to support people with a disability, refugees and asylum seekers, older people, women, young people and those living in poverty.
  • Community & Voluntary – Any organisation whose primary activities are other than those listed above belong in this category.

When a group registers it becomes part of the County PPN Structure. Registration is easy. Please complete the Registration Form on the home page. There is no charge. Registered groups receive regular updates, information on funding opportunities and also benefit from advertising their own community activities free of charge.

In summary we:
  • Elect community, environmental and social inclusion representatives to local authority committees and other policy making boards and agencies.
  • Create and work towards a vision for the well-being of this and future generations.
  • Build strategic and collaborative relationships with decision makers.
  • Identify issues of collective concern and work to influence policy locally in relation to these issues.
  • Enabling and encourage members to engage in public consultations.
  • Act as an information hub and disseminate information relevant to community groups
To find out more about PPNs, see here