Green Recovery Working Group

The purpose of this group is to bring diverse stakeholders together to explore a multiagency response to achieve its mission, using the 17 SDGs as a touchstone and building on the Permaculture and One Planet Living Frameworks.

We are a group of PPN members and individuals with an interest in addressing environmental concerns in County Galway so that it becomes to improve happiness and sustainability. Our Mission is to Increase community health and well-being for Galway Communities by focusing on protecting the environment and fostering bio-diversity and taking action to sustainably support local livelihoods and reducing carbon emissions.


The aim of this group is to address and support:

1) Post Covid-19 Green Recovery Plan for Galway communities aimed at all local stakeholders

2) Ensuring a strong focus on Community Resilience and Environmental Health as part of the Galway Well-being Statement

3) Exploring Community Health & Wellbeing, Rural Regeneration, Bio-Regionalism, Regenerative culture, local livelihoods, low carbon, sustainable living and the implementation of the SDGs

4) Identifying best practices during Covid-19 and Post Covid-19 that supports the local sustainable economy and contributes to a ‘green’ recovery, including waste and pollution reduction

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