Community Centre Investment Fund (CCIF) 2024


Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys, has announced The Community Centre Investment Fund 2024. The Community Centre Investment Fund (CCIF) 2024 is designed to support the development and refurbishment of community centres across Ireland. Please see below details of the scheme and how to apply.


  1. Purpose

The fund aims to enhance the quality and functionality of community centres to better serve local communities by supporting essential maintenance, retrofitting, and other necessary improvements . Under the Community Centres Investment Fund 2024 , community organisations will be supported with grants of between €10,000 – €100,000 towards capital costs to develop and enhance their existing community facilities.


  1. Eligibility and Funding Scope

Existing community centres can apply for funding to cover a range of projects, including compliance with fire safety and building regulations, energy efficiency upgrades, and essential maintenance works . Community facilities can be defined as a building that is managed by a community-based organisation which is open to and used by a broad range of individuals and groups within the local community for group activities such as social events, information/supports and recreation.


  1. Application Process

The application process involves two stages: initial registration and formal application submission. Application window opens on 29th of July 2024, with applications due by 29th of August 2024. Applicants can register online ahead of the application open date of the 29th of July.


  1. Support for Applicants

The Department is hosting online information sessions to assist applicants. The first session is scheduled for 25th of June 2024. Additionally, tutorials and support resources are available to guide applicants through the registration and application process. For more detailed guidelines please see official press release HERE.


For further information please see their website here: