Community Climate Action Programme – Building Low Carbon Communities 2023


Community and voluntary groups and organisations in County Galway can use this form to express their interest in engaging in a partnership for a small grant worth up to €20,000 from Galway County Council under strand 1 of the Climate Action Fund – Community Climate Action Programme – Building Low Carbon Communities.
The scheme is open to organisations and community groups interested in developing projects and initiatives which relate to the challenge of addressing climate change.
Please ensure that you are fully familiar with the requirements and conditions set out in the Briefing Note and Guidelines for Applicants and the terms and conditions set out below before you begin filling in this form.
There are five main sections to this form and each section must be fully completed:
  1. Section 1: Tell us about your group or organisation
  2. Section 2: Include details about your project
  3. Section 3: State Aid Questionnaire
  4. Section 4: De Minimis Questionnaire
  5. Section 5: Declaration by applicants
We can only assess forms that have been fully completed. Incomplete forms will not be considered for funding. Successful applications for funding under this programme will only be paid to the applicant group/organisation’s Bank Account. Please ensure you have your Bank Account details to hand if your application is successful.


Who can apply
Groups/organisations who are involved in Climate Action initiatives on a not for profit basis at community level. This can include Sports Clubs, Community Groups, Community Enterprise Centres, Climate Action Groups, Residents Associations, Youth Clubs and schools. These are examples of qualifying organisations but this is not an exclusive list.
The person registering and making the application will be the main contact from the Group/organisation for Galway County Council throughout the process.
The important qualifying criteria are:-
  1. Must be delivered in a community/local area ….and have local impact in terms of things environment, energy independence, environmentally friendly transport shifts, protection of wild life.
  2. Must be not for profit.
  3. Must contribute to developing low carbon and environmentally sustainable communities.