Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability

The Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability is a grant for people with a physical, sensory, mental health or intellectual disability. It provides funding so you can improve how you enter and move around your home.

You can use this grant to make your home more accessible by:

Adding ramps or other ways to access your home
Extending your home to create more space, for example, adding a downstairs bedroom
Adding accessible bathroom facilities, such as an accessible shower or a ground-floor bathroom or toilet
Installing a stair lift
Installing grab rails
Installing a fixed track hoist. (This is a ceiling or wall-mounted track with a sling attached to it, which means you can be mechanically lifted and moved to different places along the track).

The grant does not cover VAT on the work. However, you can apply to Revenue for a VAT refund for any appliances that you need and the cost of installing them.

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