HSE National Lottery Grant Scheme

HSE National Lottery Grant Scheme

Who can apply?

Community groups and voluntary organisations can apply.  Your Group/Organisation must provide health or social care services to the community. For example, you might help people with a disability, older people, carers or disadvantaged groups.

Public bodies, including the HSE, cannot apply for this funding.


Important dates

Wednesday 17 January 2024 – applications for 2024 funding opens.

Friday 16 February 2024, midday – the deadline for applications.

Friday 31 May 2024 – we will contact all applicants to let them know the outcome of their applications.


Projects we can fund

We fund one-off projects and services that improve the health and social care needs of communities.

For example, you can apply for funding to:

  • buy equipment and small fixtures and fittings like hoists, tables, and chairs
  • run camps, classes, courses, personal development training, information or activity events

You must be able to start and finish your project in the same year you apply for the grant.


Projects we cannot fund

We cannot fund your project if:

  • it has major ongoing spending like staff, running costs or capital funding
  • you already get funding from us or another state body for the same project
  • you have a service agreement or grant aid agreement with us that includes the same service


How much you can apply for

You can apply for between €300 and €10,000 in funding. You can apply for funding for more than 1 project.

But there is a limit on how much funding you can get from your local HSE Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO).

The maximum that a CHO can give to an organisation or group is €10,000.


How to apply

You will need to gather financial information such as:

  • project costs and quotations
  • funding from the HSE, a state agency or public body in the last 3 years
  • previous year accounts certified by your chairperson

At this stage you do not need to:

  • complete a HSE vendor form
  • agree to terms and conditions

Download and complete the National Lottery application form 2024 (DOCX, 76 KB, 9 pages)

Check the application process for your county

How you need to submit your application and where to send it differs by CHO. In some cases it is different depending on the office in a CHO you must send it to.

Select the county where the project or services will take place from our list of contacts for National Lottery Grants applications.


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