Connected Project Webinar Thursday, 23rd March @ 7pm

The Connected project, supported by Pobal, and bringing together the collective expertise of communities in Ireland engaging in sustainability launched in March 2023. The project builds on the experiences of community groups that have proven success in increasing local engagement in sustainability. It helps existing groups to have greater impacts, creating an network of shared information that encourages and maintains effective actions on fighting climate change and protecting the local environment.

Leading experts in the field of community sustainability are assisting participating community activists to create a set of resources that will be shared to communities throughout the country. The resources will be open access and will help individuals to initiate their own local activities as well as giving help to established community groups to cut through information overloads and help guide real-world effective sustainability actions.

The communities involved are based in Galway, Mayo, Sligo and Donegal and represent a spread of urban and rural areas, from large to small. They are the Decarbonization Zones in their local authority areas, chosen as exemplars of best practice.

The resources are still in development but you can check on progress by visiting our website

We are hosting an information webinar this Thursday, 23rd March @ 7pm to share the Connected Project with you.

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