COVID-19 Community Response Communications Pack

A National Action Plan to address the Coronavirus outbreak was published on 16th March. The Plan sets out a whole-of-society response and mobilisation of resources across Government and society to fight the spread of the virus. An additional, Community Response Action Plan was launched to complement the efforts of National Plan which aims to coordinate the community response to COVID-19.


The Community Response Action Plan focuses on 3 Key actions:


  • Coordination and promotion of volunteering (working with Volunteer Centres)
  • Providing practical community supports for older people
  • Launching a helpdesk facility in the Department of Rural and Community Development to assist smaller community groups with their queries.


The Department of Rural and Community Development have produced a Communications Pack for community and voluntary groups and members of the public.


This pack contains:


  1. Community Response Action Plan- Government Action Plan for Community Response to COVID 19
  2. Information leaflet- “You, Your Community and COVID-19” (Please distribute this widely and in particular, to those that do not have access to digital platforms- perhaps during a meals on wheels drop).
  3. Advice for those who want to volunteer- How can I volunteer in response to COVID-19?
  4. ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of volunteering – Sensible volunteering in response to COVID-19
  5. ‘How can we get volunteers’? – Advice on the recruitment of volunteers for community groups.
  6. Advice for the elderly and those who need supports- Advice during COVID-19.
  7. Information on how to guard against fraud and generate trust-Protecting against fraud.


Please share this information across your networks, to members of your group, neighbours, friends and recipients of your service.


We remind you that the HSE website is the key source for health advice:

It also includes posters and other resources that can be used in your community.


The Departments email helpdesk facility is available to assist you with advice or queries and is open 7 days a week: C&[email protected]



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