EPA Campaign: “Plan Your Festive Food” to avoid Food Waste Social Media Toolkit

About Stop Food Waste

The EPA’s Stop Food Waste programme is the national food waste prevention campaign, providing guidance and resources to help people adopt good food management behaviours and reduce their food waste.

During November and December, we will make people aware that planning your festive food can help you avoid food waste. The simple steps we want people to take are to:

– Check how many you are cooking for – find out how many people you are cooking for this Christmas so you can plan the food you need. Also, check if guests have any dietary needs or don’t like certain foods so you can serve what people will eat.
–  Make your festive food plan and stick to it – try not to get side tracked by special offers in the shops.

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Campaign hashtag: #PlanToStopFoodWaste

How to use this toolkit
In this toolkit, you’ll find template social media posts, which can be tailored for all social media platforms. Alongside each template post, you’ll find the corresponding campaign graphics.

Any of these posts can be shared in isolation or in any sequence if you plan on including multiple posts in your social media schedule. At Stop Food Waste, we’ll be sharing campaign messaging across our own social media channels during the campaign, so feel free to retweet or share our posts too.

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Tagging Stop Food Waste in posts:

To tag Stop Food Waste in your social posts, our handles are:
• Facebook – @StopFoodWaste
• Instagram – @stopfoodwaste.ie
• Twitter – @Stop_Food_Waste


Download TOOLKIT HERE: EPA StopFoodWaste Nov-Dec 2022 Stakeholder Toolkit

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