PPN Reps & Committees

Influencing Policy and decision making.

The members of Galway County PPN can influence policies and decision-making processes that affect them in two main ways.

First, they elect members of the PPN onto positions on County Council Committees. (These work to implement the Galway County Council Corporate Plan (2015-2019).

This places them at the heart of decision-making structures in the council. PPN representatives at these meetings are nominated and elected by the members of the PPN. At the particular committee they must represent the interests of the whole PPN. The reps receive training on how to represent the views of the PPN and prepare reports to inform the rest of the PPN of what happens at meetings.

The second way to ensure the voice of the community heard is by participating in consultations whenever the council calls for input from the public. We will publicise those calls and invitations here.

The following is a list of the committees that Galway County PPN Members have been elected onto.

6 Strategic Committees in Galway County Council (SPC’s)

The Strategic Policy Committees provide a forum in which the experience of relevant external bodies and groups can be shared.

They also enhance the role of the elected Councillor by providing a platform for input to the policy formation process at an early stage, for effective monitoring of existing policies and policy review.

It is the task of the Strategic Policy Committee to advise and assist the council in the development of policy, while the final policy decision will rest, ultimately, with the full Council.

The Strategic Policy Committee system is intended to give Councillors and relevant sectoral interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy shaping process from the earliest stage.

  1. Housing Strategic Policy Committee
  2. Economic Development and Enterprise
  3. Planning, Environment, Agriculture & Emergency Services
  4. Transport & Infrastructure Strategic Policy Committee
  5. Community and Cultural Development Strategic Policy Committee
  6. Climate Change & Biodiversity Strategic Policy Committee

Please read the Strategic Policy Committee Scheme for information on how the SPC’s work: Adopted Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 2019-2024

Here is a full list of the SPC membership for the current term: Full SPC Membership 2019 – 2024

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