Fundraising Workshop – Developing your fundraising plan for 2021

The last year has been a huge challenge for nonprofits of all sizes. Creating a clear fundraising plan is the key to your organisation surviving and thriving in these difficult times. This workshop will lead you through the process of building a fundraising plan that makes the best of your organisations strengths. It will include:
  • How to ask for money – A basic framework that can be applied to asking people directly for donations or to volunteer, it also applies to corporate pitches, grant applications etc.
  • An intro to the different types of fundraising available and how they work – This is aimed at opening peoples eyes to opportunities that they haven’t thought of before and coving the pros and cons of each type – community fundraising, corporate, direct marketing etc
  • Donor Care –  It’s so hard to get new donations and support for projects that we sometimes forget to take care of the people who are already giving
This workshop will be delivered by Kevin Delaney
Kevin is a nonprofit professional of over 12 years and co-founder of Academy Street Workshop, a nonprofit agency specialised in training, strategic planning support and fundraising mentorship. He is the founder of the Irish Fundraisers’ Network and Charity Hack, an initiative to provide a step up for small and emerging nonprofits. Kevin is a graduate of the Common Purpose Meridian Programme and holds a Certificate in Fundraising and a Diploma in Fundraising Management. Kevin has spoken at conferences in Ireland, US, Norway, UK and Netherlands.  
Dates: 18th  January @ 7pm
              26th January @ 7pm
To sign up please email [email protected] or [email protected]
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