Galway County PPN makes Litter Management Plan Submission

on December 5th 2022 Galway County PPN submitted its Submission on the Galway County Litter Management Plan 2023-2025 following an information event and consultation process with the PPN members.

You can read the submission here: Galway County PPN SUBMISSION on Litter Management Plan

Section 10 of the Litter pollution Acts 1997 requires that a Local Authority must prepare and adopt a Litter Management Plan in respect of its functional area. As this is a litter management plan for all sections of Galway County Council the process for drafting the Litter Management Plan includes consultation with relevant Local Authority sections and staff and to review and/or include submissions.

Galway County Council has responsibilities in relation to the prevention of litter as a local authority, but they are also a business and members of the public and as such must be aware of litter management in their everyday operations.

 The Responsibilities of the Local Authority include:

  • To take all practical measures to allow for the prevention, control and correct disposal of litter,
  • Take steps to promote awareness of litter pollution and its effect on the environment,
  • Encourage participation from the public and businesses of the county in preventing and overcoming litter pollution,
  • To provide access to appropriate facilities/receptacles and waste bins for its citizens and to arrange for regular emptying and cleaning,
  • Enforce the law and apply the necessary penalties and legal sanctions.


Responsibilities of businesses include:

  • To keep the immediate area and up to 100m of the premises litter free,
  • To keep any land visible from a public place free from litter,
  • Persons owning, operating or in charge of mobile outlets and those who organise major events have additional responsibilities,
  • To ensure there is no placement of unauthorised advertisements or public notices in public places,
  • Not to place advertising flyers on cars,
  • To ensure that transporting material does not cause litter and that the material is sufficiently secured to not cause litter.

Responsibilities of the public include:

  • Any owner or occupier of property which can be seen from a public place is obliged to keep the property free of litter
  • Not to create litter in a public place or a place visible from a public road.
  • The public must ensure that waste material is disposed of in a waste receptacle or bin, or in an authorised waste facility.
  • Dog owners shall be responsible for the removal of dog faeces from a public place and ensure it is disposed of properly.
  • The public must ensure that they only give household waste including recyclable materials to collectors with the necessary authorisations to collect such waste

The Environment Section begun the process of preparing the next Litter Management Plan 2023-2025 in October 2022 and each invited submissions in relation to litter management practices and issues.




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