Galway County PPN supports unique Initative: WHO’S SHE GALWAY

On Saturday 8th October 2022, Galway County PPN supported the organization of a unique event aimed at bringing women across imaginary boundaries together.

  • NETWORK MIX UP – We bought together women from all across Galway; urban, rural, migrants, settled, traveller, young and not so young, mixed abilities, employed and under employed, varied sexual orientation, different ethnicities, religious beliefs, and language.
  • MEET, RELATE, CONNECT – participants were invited to broaden their horizons and engage with each other. In an ever changing world, we envisage a community where we can create lasting connections. So we enjoyed getting to know women we might not normally meet.
  • SHARE, LEARN, SMILE –  practitioners donated their expertise to offer classes including yoga, dance and self-defence. There was a Human Library and speakers from a broad range of backgrounds who shared their stories in an intimate setting. 
  •  SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER – Free tickets were offered to women from marginalised communities. The money raised from ticket sales covered catering, transport and associated costs for the day and opened the door for another women to attend.

This event was supported by SCCUL Sanctuary, SETU YOGA, AKIDWA, Galway City Partnership, and many more.


Picture below is a group of smiling women holding a sign reading whos she galway inside the venue of the event

The shedule of events can be seen below:

Schedule of Events for the day is displayed in a table

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