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COVID-19: Advice For Individuals With Heart Valve Disease


People living with moderate or severe heart valve disease are at increased risk of complications if affected by COVID-19. Those at greatest risk are individuals with severe disease, significant ongoing symptoms or awaiting valve surgery.


It is important to remember that hospitals will continue to treat heart patients, but the current pressures may result in delays, cancellations of appointments and disruption of services.


This advice is based on information from the Heart Valve Disease Patient Council of the Global Heart Hub. Croí is a member of the Global Heart Hub.



A New Series: Croí Connects


Croí are delighted to share the first Croí Connects video, answering your questions on heart disease, COVID-19 and more! Irene Gibson, Director of Programmes at Croí, asks Prof. Bill McEvoy the important questions we received this week.
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