HSE invites people aged 65-69 to register for their COVID-19 AstraZeneca Vaccine

Over the coming weeks, about 180,000 people aged 65 to 69 will be asked to register for their COVID-19 vaccine on the HSE website. People in this group will be vaccinated at one of the HSE vaccination centres around the country using the AstraZeneca vaccine. Online registration will commence at 10am tomorrow, Thursday April 15th, beginning with people aged 69.

The vaccine being offered to people aged 65 to 69 is called COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca has been approved for use by both the EMA (European Medicines Agency) and NIAC (National Immunisation Advisory Committee), in keeping with the strictest standards of safety and quality. It is recommended for use in people aged over 60 and licensed by regulators.

Our aim in offering the vaccine to the population is to protect people and reduce the illness and deaths caused by this virus.

Our vaccination programme is now moving into an important new phase. We are introducing a new online registration system and inviting everyone aged 65-69 to register online. To avoid delays when we open registrations, we are asking people to register by age on specific days initially. All 65-69 year olds should register online if you haven’t already been vaccinated or you haven’t received an appointment yet. If you have an appointment for vaccination already, through work, or because of a health condition, you don’t need to register online. The quickest and easiest way to register is online at www.hse.ie. It is a new system which will register people, manage appointments, and provide a secure record of your vaccination. This group will be the first to use it and most groups being vaccinated from now on will also use it.

Vaccinations for this group will start around 1 week after registration opens. Once a person has registered, we will send appointment details by SMS text message, 3 to 7 days before their vaccination is due to take place. People in this group will be vaccinated during April or May at one of the HSE vaccination centres around the country.

How to register:

For those registering on www.hse.ie for the vaccine you will need;

· your PPS number

· eircode

· a mobile phone number and

· an email address.

Alternatively people can call HSELive on 1850 24 1850 for assistance with the registration process.

We’re asking people to register on specific days. This will help us manage demand and make it easier for everyone to register. If you are aged:

• 69 register on Thursday 15 April, or any time after

• 68 register on Friday 16 April, or any time after

• 67 register on Saturday 17 April, or any time after

• 66 register on Sunday 18 April, or any time after

• 65 register on Monday 19 April, or any time after

Registration will stay open for people in this age group after 19th April. You can register online or on the phone at your convenience. There is no hurry to register immediately; registering first does not mean a person will get vaccinated first. Registration days are being staggered in this way to ensure we can provide good support to people using the system or calling our phone service.

Thereafter, registration will remain open and people can register online or on the phone at their convenience.

The HSE asks for people’s support and patience during this week to ensure an orderly registration. Everyone else will be called when it’s their turn for vaccination.

· Online registration will open at www.hse.ie on Thursday at 10am

· Phone registration will open at 1850 24 1850 on Thursday at 10am

Data Security

Data security is a priority for the HSE. The Vaccination Information System has been designed to ensure only necessary information is captured and stored securely in line with HSE data retention policies. All information is encrypted in transit and at rest. User accounts created on registration use two factor authentication, email and mobile phone number, to provide people with secure access to their own information about their vaccination.

Visit hse.ie/rollout for information about registration. A video explaining registration is available here https://youtu.be/v1JoC01Omgc

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