Land Use Management Workshops

Latest PPN Training – Land Use Management Talk Series with Feidhlim Harty.

Every Tuesday @ 7pm

From 5th October -16 November 2021


FÉIDHLIM HARTY is the director of FH Wetland Systems environmental consultancy, permaculture designer and writer. His most recent book Towards Zero Waste is now available online and in selected bookshops nationwide. Other publications include Septic Tank Options and Alternatives (a guide to conventional, natural and eco-friendly methods and technologies) and Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds (A-Z of domestic scale treatment wetlands for septic tank effluent or grey water).
He has designed Edible landscaping projects in Clare, Wicklow, Limerick and Cork over the past number of years paving the way in local parks and for residents in social housing projects, apartments and housing estates to get directly involved in their new communities.
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  1. Introduction to Rewilding – What is it and can it work in Galway?
  2. Farming and Food – How do we support farmers and growers in Galway and developing resilient food supply in an uncertain future?
  3. Edible Landscaping in Urban Spaces – Exploring ways to grow food in local greenspaces as community orchards and community gardens.
  4. Watershed Management – Getting to know our local river catchments, and examining ways to enhance biodiversity, flood control and fish.
  5. Forestry and Trees – The many benefits of trees and forests for the land, wildlife, climate resilience, local economies, and urban enhancement.
  6. Overview of the Habitats of Co. Galway – Exploring the main ecosystems in the county and how we interact with them.
  7. Zero Waste Living workshop.

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