Resources available to those living with long-term health conditions during Coronavirus (Covid-19)

People living with long-term health conditions may be more at risk of serious illness if they get coronavirus and need to take extra care to protect themselves (further information available at:


It is also really important that they continue to manage their long-term health condition(s) at this time.  Community Health Care West are pleased to launch the HSE leaflet ‘Minding your Long-term Health Condition during Coronavirus (Covid-19).’ This leaflet provides practical and clear information to support people to manage their long-term health conditions and to stay well.


Read here: Minding your long-term health condition during coronavirus (COVID-19)


This resource was developed by the National Self-management Support Programme and approved by the National Clinical Care Programmes for Diabetes, Respiratory and Heart Failure and by the Health Protection and Surveillance Centre.


Each key message is supported by a helpful tip and signposts to other resources available at this time.

The key messages in the leaflet are:

  • Continue to monitor your long-term health condition
  • Seek help early if your condition worsens
  • Continue to take your medications
  • Mind your mental health
  • Eat well
  • Keep active
  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce alcohol intake



Ailish Houlihan, Self-management Support Co-ordinator for Chronic Conditions for Community Healthcare West, says:


“Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, many of our service-users living with long-term health conditions may not actively be engaged with their regular sources of support e.g. peer support groups, group-based educational support etc. This leaflet has been designed to help individuals tap into online and local resources which can support them to self-manage their conditions during this time and keep well”.



We would also like to remind people that the four local authorities in Community Healthcare West have set up a COVID-19 Community Call service in their areas.

The Community Call service has a phone line available 7 days a week. The phone line is for high risk people and those asked to cocoon.

You can ring the phone line to get help with deliveries of shopping, food, medicine and transpot to non-medical appointments.

The local authority Community Call details in each county are as follows:

  • Galway City Council 1800 400 150
  • Galway County Council 1800 928 894 and 091 509390
  • Mayo County Council 094 9064660
  • Roscommon County Council 1800 200 727
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