Wednesday Workshops

Galway County PPN will be hosting a training series titled ‘Wednesday Workshops’ aimed at helping community groups manage, meet and connect online. 


Training with Ailish Irvine, CEO of Irvine Training.

Week 1: Learn how to use Zoom and get the most out of your Zoom meetings.

Week 2: Learn all about setting up systems for groups.

This workshop explores:

  1. Templates for Governance
  2. Introduction to CRM systems
  3. Introduction to Airtable
  4. Introduction to Notion
  5. Succession Planning for Groups ensuring handover between committees.


Training with Flannan Spaight.

Week 3: The first workshop will deal with the need for planning, the initial steps in setting a strategic
direction for your projects, and the expectations from funders.

Week 4: The second workshop will concentrate on putting your plans into action and on developing
appropriate evaluation methods which will aid and inform future projects.


Community groups are facing significant challenges due to COVID restrictions. The strategic planning
workshops offer the opportunity to reflect on these challenges and to develop a clear strategy for
moving forward in these changing times.


See our poster for details!- Wednesday Workshops

Sign up by contacting Charlotte at [email protected]



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