Winter Plenary

Dear PPN Members,


You are invited to attend the PPN Winter PLENARY Meeting on Tuesday, 28th November @ 6:30pm – 9pm in the Claregalway Hotel, H91 XR8E.


All member groups are invited to attend our Winter Plenary Meeting. We strongly encourage all member groups to attend the Plenary. While being an important decision making meeting, the plenary is also a great networking event.


DRAFT Workplan 2024 attached – please note we will be voting to approve this workplan and budget at the plenary meeting therefore if you have feedback please let me know so we can consider your suggestions.

Galway Co PPN Workplan 2024


Please RSVP at  or by emailing [email protected]


Refreshments will be provided, we look forward to seeing you all there!


The Plenary is as set out in the PPN Handbook (2020) ;

The main decision making body of the PPN is the Plenary (i.e. all the independent Member Groups of the PPN) which should, unless in exceptional circumstances, meet at least twice a year to review how the PPN is working and to set the work agenda for the coming period.

The main role of the Plenary is to direct the operations of the PPN, to set overall PPN policy and procedures and to agree the annual Workplan and budget The elected Secretariat is responsible for the administration of the PPN between Plenary meetings. Subsets of the PPN such as Municipal District PPNs and Linkage / Thematic Groups also inform the process.


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