2020 Town and Village Renewal Scheme Co. Galway


 Expression of Interests Sought


In 2020, the Rural Development Investment Programme, including the Town and Village Renewal Scheme, is being tailored to address the emerging challenges associated with COVID-19, including a new Accelerated Measure.


Expressions of Interest (EOI) are now sought by Galway County Council, from Business Representative Groups, Community and Voluntary Groups and Local Authorities for the Accelerated Measure (Rounds 1 and 2) and the Main Town and Village Scheme. (Individual businesses are not eligible for this Scheme please refer to www.gov.ie/business).


EOI for Accelerated Measure Round 1 are sought now and closes Monday June 22nd

EOI for Accelerated Measure Round 2 are sought now and closes Monday July 13th

EOI for Main Town and Village Scheme are sought now and closes Monday July 13th


Accelerated Measure in response to COVID-19

Expression of Interest Form (EOI) Town & Village Renewal Main Scheme 2020



EOI can be submitted on the EOI Form to [email protected].



Accelerated Measure:  A maximum of 10 small-scale capital projects and /or promotional actions, to address immediate COVID-19 related challenges in Towns and Villages, will be identified by Galway County Council, under Round 1 Accelerated Measure (5 projects) and Round 2 (5 projects). Grants of up to 25k at a rate of 90% are available for projects that can be delivered within six months with funding decisions by end of July and early September.


Main Town and Village Renewal Scheme A maximum of 6 Projects will be identified under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme 2020. Grants of up to 100k (or 90% of costs) are available with funding offered in November 2020.  Public Realm type projects Town & Village Centre Enhancement, Amenity and Hub Services and interventions that focus on economic and social recovery of Towns and Villages are sought.


Submit EOI Form Requests, Queries & Information/Meeting Requests to Economic Community & Rural Development Unit, Galway County Council by emailing: [email protected]




The PPN together with the GCC are hosting an info Webinar on the Scheme on 18th June 2020 at noon.

Register here: [email protected]

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