Funding to improve cooking/kitchen equipment in community-owned facilities.

Healthy Ireland is a government led initiative aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of everyone living in Ireland.   Galway County LCDC was successful in getting approval for a programme of work under Round 3 of the Healthy Ireland Fund, and one of these was under the theme of Nutrition, which had 2 primary elements:

1.       To train a number of individuals to deliver Healthy Food Made Easy (HFME) courses in community settings across the County.  While over 20 individuals across the City and County have now been trained, it has not been possible to deliver local courses to date due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in the intervening period the programme is being delivered online.

2.       To build the capacity of communities to deliver community-led cooking programmes and similar initiatives by improving cooking / kitchen equipment in community-owned facilities.   This funding scheme is now implementing this second part of the Healthy Ireland Action to further the reach and sustainability of these programmes in the longer-term.

Galway County Council is now accepting applications towards improving cooking/kitchen equipment in community-owned facilities with a closing date of 4:00pm on 25th June 2021.


All details are available in the Application Pack below and for more information please contact [email protected].


HI Kitchen Upgrade Grant Application

As Gaeilge

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